Tips For Going Green

Being very passionate about my planet I chose to Go Green. I will list some tips here for you that can make a huge difference in your health, your electric bills and most of all your planet. I know that many of you are concerned with Global Warming and would love to do your part, I am going to help you with that today.

Paper Or Plastic?

The answer to that is neither. Most people answer this question saying paper, that is a wrong answer. Use re-usable bags that you can buy online or from stores in your area. Keep your bags in your vehicle so that if you make an unexpected stop to purchase something you have your own bag with you. You can Google cloth bags and find a choice for yourself.

Cleaning Products

Not only do cleaning products put toxins in your home for you, your children and your pets to breathe they are also not environmentally friendly. I use products that are natural and organic, have no warning labels so I know if my toddlers get them I am not going to have to rush them to the emergency room to have their stomachs pumped or call the poison control center. Women that work at home run a higher risk of cancer than women that work away from home. The risk is 54% higher. As I work from home and have children and pets I switched to all natural products. Shaklee not only has all natural products they are also the first company in the world to be certified Climate Neutral meaning they leave no footprint on the planet.


When you are buying look at the packaging, things that are packaged inside of packaging cause too much waste. Buy things that are minimally packaged.

Paper Plates Or Plastic Plates?

Of course it is best not to use either but there are times when we must. When you are faced with this situation buy plastic plates that are 100% recycled. You can wash these, in an all natural dish detergent and use them over and over. Once done they are recyclable.

Organic Produce:

Buy produce that is organic. This means that it was grown with no pesticides which makes it healthier for you and for the planet. It costs a little more but is well worth the price. You can find a place near you where you can purchase organic produce online. Local Harvest is a great place to look, type in your zip code to find a farmer near you.

Reusable Water Bottles:

Instead of buying bottled water buy reusable water bottles. With the money you save from buying bottled water you can afford to buy a water filtration system for your home. Or you can buy reusable water bottles with a filter built in to them.

Look at your local landfill:

If you go take a look at a landfill in your area it will give you a wake up call. Most of the things there are not bio degradable and the ones that are will not be gone in your lifetime or the lifetime of your children and grand children.

Light Bulbs:

Buy energy efficient light bulbs. They are higher than the regular light bulbs you have been purchasing but they last for 5-10 years so the cost is minimal in reality. G E makes some great CFL bulbs. You will not only be helping the planet you will also find that you save on your electric bill. If everyone changed just one light bulb it would be equivalent to saving the carbon emissions on 800,000 cars. I switched all light bulbs in my home so I know this has made a huge difference to the planet.


The average person creates 4.5 pounds of trash per day. Think how much is going into the landfills if you are not re-cycling. You can re-cycle aluminum cans and foil, glass, but please rinse all containers before re-cycling, paper, a 4ft stack of recycled newspaper is equivalent to a 40 ft. fir tree, cardboard, such as cardboard boxes but if you have a cardboard container that pizza came in it can not be recycled as they can not use it if it is dirty, take your packing peanuts to your local shipping store, most will take them from you happily. I re-use my aluminum foil over and over before recycling it. I also buy foods packaged in containers that I can use to put left overs in when possible.

Water Consumption:

When showering or taking a bath spend less time in the shower and do not fill your tub to capacity when taking a bath. This will save a lot of water and if we all did this we could save enough water to ensure that everyone in the world could have water. Also fill up your sink when shaving instead of running the water for the duration of the time it takes you to shave.

Re-cycled Products:

Use re-cycled toilet paper and paper towels. I know it is not as easy to shop when you have to check packaging but think of the good you are doing for the environment.


The average person uses 6 paper napkins a day. That is a lot of waste going into our landfills. I switched to cloth napkins and then I just wash them in my environmentally friendly laundry product and re use them. I love the feel of the cloth napkin as opposed to paper also, it adds a nice touch to the meal.

Smart Power Strips:

Plug your small appliances, tv's and clocks into smart power strips. When not in use turn them off from the strip, this will save you a lot of money on your electric bill and is very healthy for the environment.


Most of us love candles. Use an all natural candle made from soy, they burn clean and clean up with soap and water. I know I love the smell of candles in my home.

Printer Ink:

Instead of buying a new cartridge each time you need ink take your cartridge to a store where they re-fill them. I get mine done at CVS Pharmacies.

Gift Wrap:

Buy gift wrap that is made of 100% recycled paper.


Instead of throwing your old computer away donate it. You can also find people that buy them to re-build them.

If each of you will incorporate one of these tips into your daily life the difference you make will be huge. I do all the things I have listed, as I said I am very passionate about my planet and especially the health of my family. It is difficult in the beginning to make all these changes but it becomes routine before long as anything you practice all the time does. How passionate are you about the planet? Thank you for being here and I hope I have given you some great tips you have not thought of before.

Cheryl C McNeil


Cheryl C McNeil is a life coach who enjoys helping people create changes in all areas of their life.

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