Practical Ways To Go Green And Earn Health

There's plenty of evidence that going green helps to reduce your impact on nature and environment - but did you know that going green can also be great for your health? For example, one way to go green is to walk instead of drive whenever possible. Walking, for example, uses no fossil fuels and is a great way to boost your overall fitness and health.
But there's another less obvious consequence to going green. What's good for the environment is also good for our health. In the example above, because walking doesn't burn any fossil fuels, it doesn't cause any noise or air pollution, which is also better for our health. This has already been proved in a 2008 study about the association of combustion emissions and diseases.
Here are a few tips on how to go green and be healthy:
1. Choose Organic
Organic food is typically grown without pesticides, antibiotics and other toxic chemicals. Not only is eating pesticide-free fruit and vegetables better for your health, organic farms produce a lot less pollution as the chemicals used in conventional farming can seep into the water supply. According to US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), some pesticides can cause cancer, birth defects and even result in kidney, brain and liver changes.
2. Eat Less Meat
You don't have to be a vegetarian to get the benefits. Even skipping meat just once a week on "Meatless Tuesday", for example, can help to boost your health. Eating too much red met can be bad for your heart and can also predispose you to painful attacks of gout. What's more, a study by Environmental Defense in the US showed that if every American skipped one meal of chicken a week and ate vegetable instead, the carbon dioxide savings would be the same as taking more than half a million cars off American roads!
3. Use A Greener Cleaner
Most cleaning products are filled with harsh chemicals - so go green by riding your home of toxins that pollute your indoor air and contaminate the water supply. Household chemicals, according to the EPA, can cause eye and respiratory tract irritation, headaches, dizziness, visual disorders and memory impairment. So save the Earth, and your health by choosing non-toxic biodegradable cleaners instead.
4. Embrace Eco Chic
Bamboo clothing is all the rage, not only is the light fabric great for countries with hot and humid temperatures or during summer, it can be a sustainable and organic choice as well. Bamboo and other organic fabrics such as jute, hemp, silk or unbleached cotton are kinder to the environment than other conventional; and synthetic fabrics, which cause pollution, thanks to the dying, bleaching and chemical processing required to produce them. Synthetic materials can also cause health problems as wearers react to the traces of petrochemicals and solvents in the materials.
These are the 4 tips such are not that difficult to practise. People often say that going green is to make life more difficult for themselves, however, as you can see, it is just choice of want or not and also the responsibility of loving this planet for the sake of the future generations of mankind and all living creatives that share the space with us.
Ken encourages everyone of us to eat a meal without meat just once a week for a start. Too much meat consumption raises the acidic level and there is a need to flush the toxins out. A good method is drink Aloe Vera juice. Here are some aloe vera juice recipes which are very simple to follow.