How A Roofing Company Going Green Saves Energy Consumption

A roofing company that uses green products not only saves energy but their leftover materials can be used in other industries. Summer starts the busy season for roofing companies in Florida. But did you know that the materials used by most roofers are not environmentally friendly? The leftover roofing materials usually are taken to the local landfill. In fact, it is reported each year hundreds of thousands of tons of leftover roofing materials are poured into landfills putting a strain on our environment. One roofing company is helping to lead an initiative to go green by using green products in both their commercial and residential roofing projects. There our some practical benefits to adopting green roofing methods on top of helping the environment. Let us take a closer look at the impact the environmentally friendly materials have not only on the tops of homes but in surrounding industries.

One of the benefits is fuel efficiency. What does fuel efficiency have to do with roofing materials? The roofing materials are first ordered by the roofing companies. Then the materials are hauled in on semi-the trucks to the companies from roofing materials manufacturers all over the country into different states. The heavier the roofing materials are the more fuel that is consumed during the haul across the country. Green roofing products such as vents are especially light weight, top loaded onto a pallet and save gas consumption.

Another significant benefit green roofing products boast is energy efficiency or electric costs. When the attic in your home has sufficient ventilation the life of your roof will be extended. The roof becomes protected from the natural elements that can harm the roof's structure and further reduce the life of the, which eliminates the energy waste. A third important benefit to using green materials concerns the manufacturing processes. Plastic overage from green roofing materials is ground up and made into floor sweep and underground corrugated piping, minimizing plastic waste during the manufacturing process. Later, the excess plastic grind product is sold off to other industries such as lawn care, drainage pipe and plumbing businesses. In addition, 30% of the grind plastic is used in the new roofing products.

When we view the big picture of using green roofing products it indeed has a significant impact on not only helping the environment but saving on energy in several different ways. In summary, using green roofing products seems a wise move for all roofing companies.

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