Tips for Going Green in Everyday Life

When people think about going green, they think that it is difficult and that they do not have either the time or the money to be green. But this is further from the truth than you may think. If this sounds like you, keep reading for ideas to help you be environmentally friendly without spending a lot of money or time.
Use CFL Bulbs - An easy change is to swap out your existing light bulbs for CFL bulbs. But, there is no reason you need to do this right now if your current bulbs are still working. But as they burn out, you can change them to CFL's. There are a variety of different types available now so that you can get the type of light you want. This type of bulb has come down in price so that are fairly affordable and if you watch prices, you can likely find them on sale.
Have Recycling Bins - Having recycling bins set up around your house or your workplace will make it easier for you to actual recycle. You might want a paper bin by the front door to throw flyers and newspapers into if you get a lot of mail you do not look at or a box in the kitchen for tin cans or drink bottles.
Giveaway - If you have items that you no longer need but are still in good condition, give them away or sell them. If you are not sure where to get rid of them, look for free cycle groups or list them on the local classifieds. If you do not want the bother, there is a good chance you can find local charities that will take these off your hands.
Recycle Electronics - With more and more electronic devices out there, many programs have been established to deal with electronics past their prime. Check with your phone company if you have a cell phone you no longer use; the office supply store to deal with printer cartridges; and see if the local recycling depots can do something with the computers and televisions. It is also a good idea to check your city's website as they likely list places where you can recycle a wide variety of items including these electronics.
So many things can be recycled in today's world but you may have to look around and see how to deal with it. Ask at stores that carry the product if they have some sort of recycling program. You will be surprised what you can turn in!
If you're looking for ways to go green made easy you'll be glad to know that there are many options available to you. You can even go green on vacation without much of a problem!