Going Green When Cleaning

Some of the largest pollutants that we use as a business nearly everyday are often things that we do not even necessarily think of as pollutants, and that is the simple cleaning products we use such as hand wash soap in cloakrooms. On top of this if you work in any office then the chances are that you have commercial cleaners coming in every evening that may well be using a range of cleaning products that are anything but green.
Indeed a simple look around in your cleaners cupboard, may find a locked cabinet for storing cleaning supplies, and one of the main reasons for this is that many of the cleaning chemicals still in use today are toxic and anything but green in nature.
Yet the pressure on all companies to go green is increasing month on month, with pressure coming upon businesses from Governments and lobby groups alike.
So if you have any concerns whatsoever as to what cleaning products your cleaning company is using, then why not sit down with your cleaner and find out if they have a "Green" policy and how it affects you, or if they do not then why not work with them to look at using alternative green products in your offices.
This is a genuine concern for a lot of companies as many of the detergents in use today cause a lot of harm to the environment as often the detergents cannot be easily or cheaply removed from your waste water by your local water company.
Also having a green policy when it comes to cleaning products is something that you can use as a plus point in your company brochures.
Going green when it comes to cleaning supplies need not cost anymore than buying non-green cleaning supplies in the majority of cases, although there are some chemicals where no credible green alternative yet exists.
Widely used cleaning products that are now available in environmentally friendly versions are washroom cleaner, toilet cleaner, hand wash soap, air freshener, heavy duty cleaner, multi-surface cleaner, carpet cleaner, glass cleaner and even degreasing products. So as you can see the list of products available that are environmentally friendly cover the majority of cleaning supplies that any commercial cleaner will need to use.
If you employ your own cleaners and buy cleaning supplies in for them to use then why not make the switch over to green products and help the environment out today.
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