Going Green, The Economy and The 2012 Election

What are the buzz topics currently appearing over and over again in the marketplace? When that question popped into my mind the answers were immediate:

1) Going Green

2) The state of the economy and

3) The 2012 Election for President of the United States

Sure there are other water cooler topics that you hear your co-workers discussing, like the final four, spring training and vacation plans for Spring and Summer. The Entertainment news topics, like the death of Whitney Houston and the latest episode of American Idol and The Bachelor and what big concert is coming to town or what sporting event is this weekend... so why would I think of "Going Green", "The Economy" and "The 2012 Elections"? Well, because if you have not already noticed, every newspaper, magazine and online news story mentions these topics. I recently browsed through a parent magazine and bam -these three topics. I flipped through an industry publication and once again same three topics. Glancing through Yahoo and MSN news stories, try it, and my guess is you will find the same thing.

So what is everyone saying on these burning issues? We need to be greener, the economy is slowly, very slowly showing signs of improvement and that the Republicans better stop fighting and decide on the best candidate to oppose President Obama. My take on these topics? Green is good if it truly a green program and the company is green, as well, otherwise it is just talk. The economy will improve when we start reinvesting in ourselves and stop expecting the Government to take care of us. Voters need to actually vote and make informed decisions and stop relying on what the mud-slinging ads say or the 5 o'clock news... check the facts yourself, do research on the candidates and make your decisions based on facts not on slanted ads or biased news reports. Most of all we actually have to cast a vote to have a say so, in other countries people will give their lives to be able to vote and here where we have the freedom to make such decisions, I fear that so many take this precious freedom that our forefathers fought to keep, for granted.

Bottom line is be self suffucient if you are able, do not take what other people say as fact, verify facts yourself and make sure that you do not forget that freedom was never free and is definitely not something we should take for granted. If you do not like the State of US affairs then cast your vote and make a difference.